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“No one needs to miss out on that special party or travel tour simply because of an allergy or the need to avoid gluten food. Created with the food allergy user in mind, we only list restaurants that have food allergy, gluten free information available on their respective websites,” says a representative from TAB Street.

TAB Street offers a growing list of food allergy friendly restaurants, and these include fast food places to fine dining avenues. What’s more, even general users can quickly locate a vetted restaurant nearby. For owners of restaurants, bakeries and food outlets that want to accommodate every customer, joining the list is the easiest way to reach out to customers.

The site manager verifies all listings for food allergy and gluten free status, along with other diet information when available.

A lot of time the biggest headache was not knowing which restaurant works with one’s allergy or multiple allergies or will even be willing to accommodate.

The website began with the desire to travel and enjoy the adventure without missing out on food. Today, the list is regularly consulted by a large customer base, and is ideal for parents, grandparents, friends or family of those who have food allergies or intolerance’s, conditions such as Celiac disease, we include other special diets when they are found.

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Restaurants, bakeries, hotels and more that have allergy, food allergy and gluten free information available on their respective web sites.

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